Vega-Diva: Best Birthday Cake Bangkok and Thailand

Vega-Diva: Best Birthday Cake Bangkok and Thailand

You are welcome to our World of Beautiful and Amazing  3D custom Cakes. If you can just imagine it, then be rest assured that we can design and deliver it.

Why Vega Diva?

At Vega-Diva we pride ourselves as the best 3D Cake online store with nationwide delivery in all of Thailand. We design and deliver some of the best custom cakes in the whole of Thailand. We are based on in Bangkok and we deliver outside the city.

We are passionate about converting your cake idea into an iconic and memorable centrepiece. Where and how do you want our cakes to create a memorable celebration for you and your loved ones?

We can style and deliver your cakes at any  location desirable to you  in Thailand

Where our competence lies?

Whether you reside in Bangkok city or in any of the cities in Thailand, do not worry as we have an extremely effective delivery system.

As one of the best 3D cakes companies in Thailand, we have a  wide selection of 3D Cakes.

The cake business is becoming competitive but not everyone is experienced in the art of designing and delivering custom cakes.  To get the best cake with premium 3D design in Thailand you need professionals and that’s what we are here for.

At Vega-Diva our focus on detail and drive for a challenge has singled out our brand in the cake market. We have thrilled the whole of Thailand with our passionate cake ideas, added some colour and flavour to their events with our cakes; impressing guests. You can also be a part of our amazing cake experience.

You can experience our Birthday Cakes in Bangkok enjoying new flavours, shapes and designs.

We are health conscious in our cake production by ensuring that our cakes remain gluten and egg free.

If you have a special order and would like to enjoy a new cake flavour on our Birthday Cakes Bangkok series send us a request quickly.

We are just passionate about delivering the most amazing cake for your party.  So our 3D Cakes, Bangkok, Thailand all come in different categories of custom birthday cakes, grooms cakes, cupcakes, cake balls, and speciality cakes to amazing custom cakes for weddings and corporate occasions.  You just make a choice.

So whether you are in Bangkok or in any city in Thailand and you’ve been looking for where to get the best gift for that loved one or the perfect cake for your event: Think Our customers have always made us their favourites because our cakes are products of professional baking, food hygiene standards, and healthy kitchen practices.

The quality of our ingredients and the speed of our response speaks for us.