What is Vega Diva 3D cake?
The cake inside is premium butter cake covering with Fondant. Fondant is made from Icing, gelatin, and water. We decorate the cake with sugar decorations and sugar dolls.
How do we estimate the price?
The prices will depend on the design based on the difficulty of how they are made. You can also send the picture reference of the cake you want and we will estimate the price for you. The minimum price is art 2,500 baht for the smallest size cake of 1.5 lb. Cupcake price starts from 1,800 baht for 6 cupcakes set. Moreover, we also have photo cakes, which are printed on sugar sheets with edible ink.
Do we have shop-front?
No, we do not have shop-front. The location is a house in Thanakorn Village in Bangkruay district. Please only contact us via Line and mobile phone. Customers can also receive the cake at our studio or use our delivery service fare according to the distance.
How do we deliver?
We use Grab service and the fare will be according to the distance.
Can the cake be delivered to other provinces?
Yes, we will pack the cake securely in the foam box. We deliver via PNS company through Tour company and the customers must go and pick up the cakes themselves at the parking spot of PNS in each province. The estimate delivery prices will vary between 500-700 baht.
How to store the cake?
Cakes can be kept in air-conditioning temperature (25 C) for 24 hours and can be extended to 2 weeks if kept in the refrigerator.
How to store the sugar decorations on a cake?
Do not freeze it! As the moisture will melt it down when sitting at the room temperature.
Can the cake freeze?
Do not soak the cake or the mould in the free box, because it will make the steam from the free hole or the ice island moisture.

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